Candilicious: Free PSD Website Template

The idea behind this design was to create a website that looked as delicious and fun as the candy itself. This template is fun, engaging and bright. Built on the 960-Grid system makes editing a breeze and a snap.

Contains single Photoshop layered file. Designed in CS4.

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14 Responses to Candilicious: Free PSD Website Template

  1. 11.15.10

    Download link isn’t working. It just leads back to this page.

  2. charlie

    OK – it’s fixed. Sorry about that

  3. 11.15.10

    No problem, thank you for fixing it so fast.

  4. 12.02.10

    This template looks really fantastic!
    Great work – well done.

  5. admin

    Thanks Graham – we appreciate it.

  6. Lukasz

    Who designed this template?

  7. admin

    We did – why?

  8. 02.21.12

    Last year I went to a portfolio review and had an opportunity to check some student work. Check this out So is he your designer?

  9. admin

    Wow. Amazing how people find things like this.

    No he is not our designer. In fact I actually created this design.

    However these files are given away for free and the licensing allows for an individual to use on a single project. They just can’t redistribute as their own work for resale.


  10. 02.21.12

    I was very impressed by that design and question the student a bit, it looked so different from his previous work. Plus, I had sense I’ve seen the design somewhere before.

    The point is that the student bluntly took the template and made it his own work.

  11. admin

    Oh wow. Didn’t know this was a student passing this off as his own.


  12. 02.08.13

    amazing sharing if template…

  13. 03.11.16

    the file, Candilicious, is corrupt, i.e there are vertical lines all over the template.
    i appreciate if someone can help me out.

  14. 03.11.16

    I just tested the file and it opens fine. What version of Photoshop are you using?

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